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Penalties for Drug Offenses in Nevada- drug offense attorneys Reno- Carlson & Work

Penalties for Drug Offenses in Nevada

Penalties for Drug Offenses in Nevada Nevada’s approach to drug offenses is stringent. Penalties for drug offenses vary widely depending on the type and quantity

Gray Divorce: Untangling the Knot After 50
Family & Divorce

Gray Divorce: Untangling the Knot After 50

Gray Divorce: Untangling the Knot After 50 The “Biggest Little City in the World,” is known for its casinos, wedding chapels, and beautiful mountain views.

drunk driving and dui charges in Nevada

Drunk Driving and DUI Charges in Nevada

Avoid DUI Charges and Drive Responsibly Drinking alcohol reduces brain function, logic and reasoning, and coordination. To safely operate a vehicle, you need all three.

BAC's Impact on Your Defense Case- Reno Law Firm

BAC’s Impact on Your Defense Case

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and Its Impact on Your Defense Case If you’ve been charged with a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in Nevada, understanding

Nevada Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers- Carlson & Work
Family & Divorce

Nevada Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers

Nevada Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers As a same-sex couple navigating the complexities of divorce in Nevada, you deserve legal representation that understands. Our team of divorce

12 Tips for Healthy Co-Parenting- divorce lawyers reno- Carlson & Work
Family & Divorce

12 Tips for Healthy Co-Parenting

12 Tips for Healthy Co-Parenting During and After Divorce Divorce is undoubtedly a challenging journey, especially when children are involved. Amidst the emotional turmoil, it’s

Child Custody, Visitation & Support

What Qualifies as Child Neglect in Nevada

What Qualifies as Child Neglect in Nevada? Child neglect is a serious concern. It is broadly defined as the failure of a caregiver to provide

Navigating Divorce with Wolf Pack Lawyers - Reno divorce attorneys - Carlson & Work
Family & Divorce

Navigating Divorce with Wolf Pack Lawyers

Navigating Divorce with Wolf Pack Lawyers As University of Nevada Wolf Pack alumni, we understand that divorce can be challenging in our small community. You

How to Divorce a Narcissist-family law lawyers Reno- Carlson & Work
Family & Divorce

Divorcing a Narcissist

How to Divorce a Narcissist If you’re divorcing a narcissist, you probably have your work cut out for you. It’s not secret, this will require

role of documentation in legal proceedings-divorce lawyers Reno- Carlson & Work
Family & Divorce

Documentation in Legal Proceedings

The Role of Documentation in Legal Proceedings Have you ever heard the advice, ‘document everything’? The importance of clear documentation cannot be overstated. Family related

Enforcing Child Support Payments - Reno child support attorneys- Carlson & Work
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Enforcing Child Support Payments

How to Enforce Child Support Payments Ensuring consistent child support payments is essential for your child’s financial security. When noncustodial parents fail to meet their

Essential Questions to Ask During Your Family Law Consultation 
Family & Divorce

Questions to Ask Your Family Lawyer

Essential Questions to Ask During Your Family Law Consultation Family law intricacies can often be emotionally charged and legally challenging. Finding the right legal counsel

When Should You Consult A Lawyer - Carlson & Work
Personal Injury

When to Consult a Lawyer for a Truck Accident

When Should You Consult a Lawyer About a Truck Accident Truck accidents can be devastating, leading to severe injuries, property damage, and emotional distress. For

Holiday safety and legal insights- Carlson & Work
Personal Injury

Holiday Safety and Legal Insights

Q&A with Mathew Work, Partner at Reno’s Carlson & Work Law Firm With the joy and warmth of the holiday season come unique concerns, particularly

Family Law insights - Carlson & Work
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Q&A: Divorce Expectations

Attorney Kathleen Mangan Interview: Divorce Expectations  We recently sat down with our newest family law attorney, Kathleen Mangan. We asked about her perspective on being a

inheritance protection in Nevada- Carlson & Work
Estate Planning

Inheritance Protection in Nevada

Safeguarding Your Assets Before and During Divorce Divorce can be a challenging time, emotionally and financially. One of the critical concerns that may arise during

Tips for Grandparents seeking custody- Reno Family Lawyers
Family & Divorce

Tips for Grandparents Seeking Custody

Helpful Tips for Grandparents Seeking Custody In an evolving landscape of family dynamics, grandparents are increasingly playing a vital role in the lives of their

Legal Implications of Marriage- Carlson & Work
Family & Divorce

Legal Implications of Marriage

Just Married? Understanding The Legal Implications of Marriage Congratulations! You’re married. Marriage is a significant milestone in life, marked by love, commitment, and a shared

Nevada is a no fault state- divorce lawyers Reno
Family & Divorce

Nevada is a No-Fault State

Nevada is a No-Fault State: What That Means for Your Divorce If you are considering or going through a divorce in Nevada, it’s crucial to

Important Facts About Getting Divorced - Divorce attorneys Reno
Family & Divorce

Important Facts About Getting Divorced

Five Important Facts You Should Know About Getting Divorced in Nevada Facing the prospect of divorce can be emotionally overwhelming and complex. If you are

wrongful death claim- wrongful death lawyers Reno, NV
Personal Injury

Wrongful Death Claim

Should I File a Wrongful Death Claim? Losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence or intentional actions is a heartbreaking experience. In such

Personal Injury Compensation Claim- personal injury lawyers Reno, NV
Personal Injury

Personal Injury Compensation Claim

Will a Personal Injury Compensation Claim Impact My Benefits? Individuals who sustain personal injuries due to accidents or incidents caused by others often face numerous

ways divorce affects women- Carlson & Work
Family & Divorce

How Divorce Affects Women

Top 10 Ways Divorce Affects Women Differently than Men Divorce is a life-altering event that impacts individuals in unique and profound ways. Women, in particular,

how divorce affects men- Carlson & Work
Family & Divorce

How Divorce Affects Men

Top 9 Ways Divorce Affects Men Differently than Women Divorce is a life-altering event that affects both men and women, but the impact can vary

Personal Injury Attorney Mathew Work Reno
Personal Injury

Are Personal Injury Settlements Public Record?

Are Personal Injury Settlements Public Record? Understanding Privacy Laws in Nevada Personal injury settlements are often sensitive matters that involve the resolution of legal disputes

personal injury settlements- Carlson & Work
Personal Injury

Will My Personal Injury Settlement Be Taxable?

Will My Personal Injury Settlement Be Taxable? Personal injury settlements provide financial compensation for individuals who have suffered from negligence or wrongful actions of others.

divorce statistics and facts - Carlson & Work
Family & Divorce

Divorce Statistics and Facts

Nevada Divorce Statistics and Facts Divorce is a difficult and emotional process that affects not only the spouses but also their children and families. While

reasons of failed marriages - carlson & Work
Family & Divorce

Reasons of Failed Marriages

Top 10 Reasons Marriages Fail The U.S. rate of marriages and divorces has stabilized in recent years, according to data from the Centers for Disease

Final divorce decree - Carlson & Work
Family & Divorce

Final Divorce Decree

All About Your Final Divorce Decree The matter of divorce can be a private one, but the records related to it are public. In Washoe

Nevada statue of limitations - Carlson & Work
Personal Injury

Nevada Statute Of Limitations

Strict Time Limit to File Your Injury Claim: NV Statute of Limitations If you believe you have a solid personal injury case, it’s critical to

Female Divorce Attorney Reno
Family & Divorce

Female Divorce Attorney Reno

Female Divorce Attorney Reno Divorce is a difficult time in your life. You might feel like you’re drowning in paperwork, legal jargon and other details

Brain Injury and Personal Injury Damages - Carlson & Work
Personal Injury

Brain Injury and Personal Injury Damages

Brain Injury and Personal Injury Damages: Understanding Nevada Law Brain injuries are a serious health concern in the United States. According to the CDC Congress


Abogado de Accidente

Cuando se lesiona en un accidente automovilístico, es importante obtener ayuda de un abogado de accidentes automovilísticos de Reno. En el bufete de abogados Carlson

Personal Injury

Reno Car Accident Lawyers

When you are hurt in a car accident, it is important to get help from a Reno car accident lawyer. At Carlson & Work Law

Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Paternity in Nevada

Paternity Attorneys assisting families in Reno, Sparks, Washoe County, and Northern Nevada Paternity is the legal and biological relationship between a father and child. In

Family & Divorce

Financial Future with a Prenuptial Agreement

Securing Your Financial Future with a Prenup  When you’re preparing to get married, it’s important to stay focused on the future and take steps now

Tips for Selecting the Best Criminal Defense Attorney- Carlson & Work Nevada-High-Net-Worth-Divorce
Family & Divorce

Nevada High Net Worth Divorce

Family law representation for Reno-Sparks Northern Nevada residents  Divorce is a legal process that gives spouses the freedom to split marital assets, determine child custody,

physical vs legal custody reno family lawyers
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Physical vs Legal Custody

The Primary Types Of Child Custody In Nevada Nevada law describes two types of child custody to explain a parent’s legal duties in a divorce case.

Best Interest Factors Child Custody Reno family attorneys
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Best Interest Factors for Child Custody

What Is Considered “Best Interest” For Child Custody The best interest of the child is the Court’s priority. The Nevada judge will consider the best

Spousal Support vs Child Support lawyers reno nv carlson work
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Spousal and Child Support Payments

Understanding the key aspects of spousal support and child support payments is crucial for individuals going through a divorce or separation. Nevada courts have broad

legal separation family lawyers reno carlson & work
Family & Divorce

Nevada Legal Separation

What is a Legal Separation in Nevada? A legal separation is for couples who want to live apart, but not necessarily terminate their marriage through

Estate planning 101 reno nv lawyers carlson & work
Estate Planning

Estate Planning 101

How Estate Planning Can Secure Your Hard-Earned Possessions Believe it or not, you probably have an estate without knowing it. Estates encompass nearly everything you

parents enjoying children at park during uncontested divorce
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Child Custody Laws 101

Child Custody Laws 101 Separating from your spouse can get messy and emotional, especially when children are involved. In this article, you’ll learn the basics

pour over will- estate planning attorneys in reno ,nv
Estate Planning

What is a Pour-Over Will?

What is a Pour-Over Will in NV? A pour-over will is a legal document used in conjunction with a living trust. It ensures that an

nevada alimony 101- divorce lawyers reno nv
Family & Divorce

Nevada Alimony Law 101

Nevada Alimony Law 101 Alimony, also known as spousal support, is a court-ordered payment from one spouse to another after a couple’s separation. Alimony is

nevada divorce timeline divorce lawyers reno
Family & Divorce

Nevada Divorce Timeline

Divorce Timeline in Nevada In any state, getting a divorce can be a long and grueling process. A Nevada divorce typically takes anywhere from a

legal separation vs divorce: divorce lawyers in reno ,nv
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Legal Separation Vs. Divorce

Legal Separation VS Divorce: Which is Better? When a married couple decides to split up, there are several ways for them to go about the

update your will after divorce- estate planning lawyers reno, nv
Estate Planning

Updating Your Will After Divorce

A divorce can be a long and emotional process that is likely to dramatically change your life. In the midst of the changes, it is

when to update will-estate planning lawyers reno,nv
Estate Planning

How Often Should You Update Your Will

A will is an important document that everyone should have. Wills should be reviewed for updates every three to five years. However, as life events

Nevada Residency
Estate Planning

Establishing Residency in Nevada

How to Establish Nevada Residency Nevada is a desirable state to live and work in for families and businesses. Nevada has strong asset protection, trust

risks of diy wills estate planning attorneys reno nv
Estate Planning

Risks of DIY Wills in Nevada

DIY Will Risks While many companies offer do-it-yourself wills that may seem cheaper and easier than paying for a qualified estate planning attorney to create

reno estate planning attorneys
Estate Planning

Dying Without a Will

Regardless of your financial status, it is highly recommended by estate planning attorneys to have a will. This is because when you die without a

Nevada vs California wills estate planning attorneys reno nv
Estate Planning

Nevada vs. California Wills

What is the Main Difference Between Nevada and California Wills When it comes to the laws governing wills, they are fairly similar among all states.

carson city courts divorce lawyers in reno nv

Carson City Courts 101

When a person is accused of a crime in Carson City, their case will end up in either municipal court, justice court, or District Court.

how to modify a visitation schedule, visitation lawyers in reno nv
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

How to Modify A Visitation Schedule

In Reno, Nevada, separated parents will oftentimes have a visitation schedule regarding when each parent will have parenting time with their child. This schedule must

tpo Reno defense attorneys

The Process of a TPO

Process of  TPO A temporary protective order is a 45-day long order issued by a Nevada court with the purpose of protecting a person from

dui attorneys in reno nv

DUI Law 101

In every state in America, it is a crime for a person to operate a vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs. This is a

expert witness in reno nv
Personal Injury

When Might an Expert Witness Be Necessary?

An attorney’s job is to represent clients in courts using their knowledge of the law. While the best attorneys invest extensive time and effort into

personal injury attorney in reno nv
Personal Injury

Personal Injury Law 101

Personal injury law, also known as tort law, is an area of civil law designed to compensate a victim of an accident. Carlson & Work

Divorce Lawyers Reno Carlson & Work
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

How Does a Child Testify in a Custody Trial?

Child Testifying in a Custody Trial A common question that a parent may have when facing a family law case in Reno is whether their

what makes attorney great in reno nv
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

What Makes A Great Attorney?

How to Spot an Excellent Attorney As you begin searching for an attorney , there are several key aspects of a great Reno attorney that

nevada alimony divorce attorneys in reno nv
Family & Divorce

Nevada Alimony 101

Nevada Alimony 101 After a divorce, it can be difficult for both spouses to maintain the same lifestyle on their own. Sometimes, this can be

nevada community property laws
Estate Planning

Nevada Community Property Laws

Community Property Laws Nevada is one of the eleven states that follow community property laws. This means that during a divorce, a judge will divide

prenuptial agreements in reno nv
Family & Divorce

The Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement Prenuptial agreements tend to have a bad reputation as they are not considered to be the most romantic way to

deposition 101
Personal Injury

Deposition 101

What is a Deposition? A deposition is defined as the taking of an oral statement of a witness under oath, before trial. The process is

case management
Family & Divorce

What is a Case Management Conference?

All You Need To Know About A Case Management Conference A common component of a court proceeding, whether it be for personal injury cases or

Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Nevada Child Custody Laws

Nevada Child Custody Laws 101 Child custody issues are frequently faced in Nevada family court cases. There are two types of child custody: legal custody

how \to file motion to modify custody
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Respond to a Motion to Modify Custody

How to Respond to a Motion to Modify Custody Custody cases are an ongoing process that can regularly be altered through the filing of a

child relocations law in reno, nv
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Child Relocation Laws in Reno, NV

Child Relocation Laws in Reno Sometimes life brings about changes that can cause a parent to need to relocate with their child. Nevada law defines

Best Lawyer in Reno
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Finding A Fit

Finding Your Lawyer Fit When it comes to finding a family law, personal injury, or criminal defense attorney in Reno, NV. – there are several

timeline of a criminal law case-personal injury attorneys-reno-nv

Timeline Of A Criminal Law Case

The Timeline of a Criminal Law Case When you are arrested in Reno, Nevada, the court follows its customary criminal case procedure to deal with

how long a divorce takes in nevada
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

How Long a Divorce Takes in Nevada

How Long a Divorce Takes in Nevada Nevada has long been recognized as the state to go to for a quick divorce. While this can

why you must have an uninsured motorist policy reno nv

Why You Should Have Uninsured Motorist Policy

Why You Must Have an Uninsured Motorist Policy Car insurance is an essential cautionary policy that every driver should purchase. Contrary to this statement, one

reno nv same sex marriage lgbtq divorce
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

The Process of an LGBTQ Divorce in Reno, Nevada

LGBTQ Legal Help for the Divorce Process  Same-sex marriage has been legal throughout all of the states in America, including Nevada since the US Supreme

Types of Trusts Estate Planning Reno
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Nevada Alimony Laws

Alimony is a legal means by which a spouse can be paid by their former partner. This structure helps the former spouse maintain the standard

Benefits of Divorce Mediation in Reno, NV
Family & Divorce

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce and family law matters are seldom straightforward. Even the most cordial couples find themselves disagreeing on legal matters causing delays in the divorce process.

Personal Injury

Process of Filing a Personal Injury Claim

The Process of Filing a Personal Injury Claim Personal injury is an injury that occurs to a person’s body, mind, or emotion. This type of injury

Reno Nevada Legal Separation Attorneys
Family & Divorce

Legal Separation or Divorce?

Is a Legal Separation Right for You? When a married couple decides to split up, two of the main options they can pursue are divorce

Reno Child custody NRS 125 factors
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Child Custody Interest Factors Under NRS 125

What Are the Best Interest Factors Under NRS 125? Nevada law determines child custody issues based on the best interest of the child. NRS 125

Reno, NV Legal & Physical Custody Attorneys
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Differences of Legal & Physical Child Custody

What is the Difference Between Legal Custody and Physical Custody? Child custody is broken down into two categories: legal custody and physical custody. Typically, both

Reno Nevada Child support modification
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Modifying Child Support in Reno, NV

How to Modify Child Support in Nevada Modifying child support is a discussion that can arise during divorce proceedings or a child custody decision in

Pour Over Will Attorneys Reno, NV
Estate Planning

Understanding a Pour Over Will

What is Pour-Over Will? A “pour-over will” is often used in conjunction with a living trust. It is a special type of will because it

Child Custody Attorneys
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Modify Custody via an Emergency Motion

Modifying Child Custody After going through a divorce, the court will decide custody of your children. Even after custody has been established, the parents may

child relocations law in reno, nv
Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Relocating With Child

Understanding Child Relocation Laws in Nevada A parent seeking to relocate their child can be a strenuous process in an already difficult child custody situation.

Family & Divorce

Property Division in a Nevada Divorce

How Property Division in Nevada Works The dividing up of property is a frequent concern during Nevada divorce proceedings. Nevada is considered a community property

Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Child Custody in Nevada

Navigating the Child Custody Process in Nevada Plenty of couples can agree that a divorce can be a grueling process that leaves the children of

Reno DUI Defense Attorneys

DUI Defense Attorney in Reno, NV

Have you been charged with a DUI? Get Expert Advice from a DUI Defense Attorney in Reno, NV Understanding your rights and having the right


TPO Lawyer in Reno, NV

Temporary Order of Protection in Nevada What is a TPO? A Temporary Protection Order: a legal court order, which is temporarily put in place, to

Filing for Divorce in Reno, Nevada
Family & Divorce

How to File for a Nevada Divorce

Filing For Divorce In Nevada There are several factors to keep in mind if you’re going down the path of divorce. For example, do you


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