Carson City Courts 101

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When a person is accused of a crime in Carson City, their case will end up in either municipal court, justice court, or District Court. The court that you are going to be in depends on the type and degree of law that has been broken. Each of the three types of Carson City courts evaluates their designated cases, but they all assess different levels of cases. The qualified attorneys of Carlson & Work have experience assisting defendants in all three types of court.

Municipal Court

The Carson City municipal court is the base-level court. The judges of the municipal court have limited jurisdiction and hear cases initiated by the Carson City prosecutor. The prosecutor represents the city and alleges that a Carson City law was broken. Essentially, this court is responsible for enforcing the Carson City ordinances. The most serious degree of crimes that a municipal court judge can hear is one that is punishable by up to one year in jail. The most common type of cases that are heard in municipal court are:

Any person who is accused of breaking a Carson City law has the option to retain a lawyer to represent them in municipal court. A municipal court judgment can be appealed if the accused party believes that the ruling is unfair.

Justice Court

The Carson City justice court is the second of the three types of court. The justice court is also a limited jurisdiction court. Judges of the justice court handle misdemeanor crime and traffic issues, eviction, temporary protection, small claims disputes, stalking, harassment, and other civil proceedings less than $15,000. A justice court judge must determine whether the justice court case has enough evidence to be sent to District Court for trial. Carlson & Work is available to assist individuals facing charges in the Carson City justice court.

District Court

The Carson City District Court is the largest and most powerful court in Carson City.  The state of Nevada has eleven District Courts in total, and the Carson City District Court is Nevada’s First Judicial District Court. This court is more formal than the municipal and justice courts and has procedural safeguards. The District Court requires more court appearances by the defendant party and has the ability to hold trials to a jury. This court has general jurisdiction over all legal disputes and has appellate jurisdiction over the municipal court and the justice court. Cases that are heard are of criminal, civil, family, and juvenile matters.

If you have a case in Carson City, whether it be through the municipal court, the justice court, or the District Court, contact Carlson & Work of Reno, Nevada today. Our knowledgeable attorneys are available to assist you with family law, defense, or personal injury matters. Call us today at 775-386-2226.


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