Common Mistakes People Make When They Are in Court

Common Mistakes People Make When They Are in Court

Mistakes People Make When They Are in Court

Whether it be for a minor issue or a major proceeding, going to court can be an extremely stressful and overwhelming experience. Nonetheless, it is important to arrive in family law or personal injury court case properly prepared for and confident on the hearing process. At Carlson & Work of Reno, Nevada, our experienced family law and personal injury attorneys can assist you in preparing for court and experiencing a successful court hearing. Below is a list of common mistakes that people make to hurt the outcome of their case.

Being Unprepared

  • It is important that you make a good impression on the judge.
  • Know everything that will be discussed in court. Be ready to speak on any points that are disclosed in the case.
  • Arrive at court dressed nice. Appearance is important and attending court looking disheveled and unprofessional could indicate disrespect to the judge.
  • Do not arrive late to your case. A good rule of thumb is to be in the courtroom at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled hearing time.

Failing to Follow Court Orders

  • Court orders for matters involving divorce law, child custody, and personal injury are legally enforceable and should be followed.
  • Failure to follow court orders could indicate that you are incapable of following through on instructions and could harm the outcome of your case.

Failing to Provide the Correct Information

  • Provide the correct court documents. This includes paperwork such as:
    • General financial disclosure
    • A list of witnesses
  • Ensure that the information provided on the documents is up-to-date.
    • Addresses
    • Financial information

Speaking Incorrectly in Court

  • Do not talk too much in court.
  • Let your lawyer do their job and speak for you on your court matter.
  • Talking in court can quickly become incriminating.
  • Do not lie in court. It is extremely important to be honest about anything you share in court.

Not Hiring an Attorney for Court

  • No matter the issue, an attorney will greatly help you in court and improve your odds of acquiring a positive outcome on the case. The qualified attorneys of Carlson & Work are available to help you in your divorce law, child custody, or personal injury case matter.

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