Contested Divorce vs. Joint Petition Divorce

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Contested Divorce Defined

contested divorce involves spouses who want to get a divorce, but cannot agree on one or more issues in their divorce case. When this occurs, the spouses must ask a judge to make the divorce decisions for them. This type of divorce is the most complicated and time-consuming of divorces. A contested divorce often requires the spouses to hire divorce attorneys to assist them with the divorce proceedings. Contact Carlson & Work for help from our qualified divorce attorneys during your contested divorce.

Contested Divorce Steps

The following includes the general steps that occur during a contested divorce. A Reno divorce attorney can help you complete these steps.

  • Prepare the divorce petition.
  • File the divorce petition with the court.
  • Serve the divorce papers to the other party.
  • Engage in divorce discovery.
  • Go through pre-trial motions and hearings.
  • Attempt to reach a settlement.
  • If you cannot reach a settlement, prepare for trial.
  • Go to trial.
  • If you disagree with the judge’s decision, file an appeal for the case.

Joint Petition Divorce Defined

joint petition divorce is when both spouses file for a divorce together and agree to all terms of their divorce prior to filing. Filing a joint petition saves time and money for the parties because the spouses are able to come to an agreement on their divorce before going to court.

Joint Petition Divorce Steps

The following includes the general steps that occur during a joint petition divorce.

  • Prepare the initial divorce paperwork.
  • File the divorce paperwork.
  • Serve the other spouse with the divorce paperwork.
  • The couple negotiates a marital settlement agreement.
  • The couple files the marital settlement agreement with the court.

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