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Child Custody law involves our most precious aspect of life, our children.

At Carlson & Work, we respect the magnitude of the responsibility we are trusted with. We will always fight to obtain the best child custody outcomes for our clients.

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Custody battles can be deeply complex. Child custody and visitation cases are difficult and often require a trial. You need an experienced child custody attorney, and more importantly, you need an experienced trial attorney.

Carlson & Work has successfully handled hundreds of child custody cases. Repeatedly, we find the results that benefit our clients. Reputations are earned. Carlson & Work is widely considered one of the top child custody law firms in Nevada.

Your Child. Your Rights. OUR Fight.

In life, there is no job more important than a parent’s. In law, there are few cases more rewarding than protecting or restoring a parent’s rightful position in their child’s life.

When you retain Carlson & Work you will have a dedicated attorney by your side.

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