Dying Without a Will

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Regardless of your financial status, it is highly recommended by estate planning attorneys to have a will. This is because when you die without a will, you have died “intestate”. When this occurs, Nevada intestate laws will determine how your property assets are distributed when you die. This includes any real estate, bank accounts, and all other assets that you own at the time of your death. Intestate succession laws vary depending on whether you died single, married, and with or without children. Usually, your property is disbursed among your surviving relatives. When no relatives can be found, your entire property will be given to the state of Nevada. In order to avoid this, contact Carlson & Work of Reno, Nevada where our estate planning attorneys can help you draft a will.

Intestate Succession

Intestate succession is the process of the Reno, Nevada court allocating your property according to Nevada state laws. When you die without a will in Nevada, your estate will be passed onto your closest relatives.

Dying Without a Will While Single

If you die without a will and are single, your parents will receive your property if they are both living. However, if only one of your parents is living, your estate will be divided among your siblings and your surviving parent. In the event you do not have surviving parents, your estate will be given to your siblings. If you have children, your property will be divided among your children.

Dying Without a Will While Married

If you die without a will and are married, your property will either go entirely to your spouse if the property is marital property, or it will be split between your spouse, siblings, and parents if the property is separate property.

Dying Without a Will While You’re an Unmarried Couple

If you die without a will and are in an unmarried relationship, the unmarried couple will not inherit the property. Intestacy laws only recognized married couples and relatives.

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