How to File for a Nevada Divorce

Filing for Divorce in Reno, Nevada

Filing For Divorce In Nevada

There are several factors to keep in mind if you’re going down the path of divorce. For example, do you meet the Nevada residency requirements? Or perhaps you’re in the military. Do you and your spouse have a home together? How about children? Divorce matters often consider splitting up of property, finances, and other investments when filing for divorce. Carlson & Work attorneys are standing by to help Nevada residents file for divorce while keeping your best interests in mind. We are honored our firm continually ranks one of the best family law and divorce firms in Reno, Nevada.

Key Elements of Filing for Divorce

Residency Requirements:

Ensure you meet the residency criteria, residing in Nevada for at least six weeks before filing, unless you’re in the military or a non-resident with a spouse living in Nevada.

Filing Fee and Cover Sheet:

Understand the necessary filing fee and ensure you complete the cover sheet as part of the filing process.

Grounds for Divorce:

Nevada recognizes both no-fault and at-fault divorce. A no-fault divorce is granted when spouses have lived separately for a year. In Washoe County, cohabitation without reconciliation is not considered separation. At-fault divorce, such as insanity, requires presenting corroborating evidence.

Alimony and Child Support:

Determination of alimony and child support varies case by case. Child support covers various expenses, including childcare, insurance, special needs education, transportation, and basic needs. Resolving property division and asset distribution is essential before obtaining the Final Decree of Divorce.

Elements of Divorce:

Different elements of divorce exist, such as Complaint for Divorce, Joint Petition, Marriage Settlement Agreements, Spousal and Child Support, and Asset Retention. Choose the approach that aligns with your situation and goals and be prepared going into your divorce

Working with Our Nevada Divorce Lawyers

When you engage Carlson & Work, you benefit from dedicated divorce attorneys who navigate the complexities of Nevada divorce laws. Known for their compassion and empathy, Rebecca Carlson and Matthew Work prioritize clients’ goals, utilizing every available legal alternative to ensure the best outcome.

If you’re navigating a divorce in Nevada, understanding the intricacies of filing, residency, and the legal process is essential. By enlisting the support of experienced attorneys like those at Carlson & Work, you can confidently navigate these challenges and work towards a resolution that aligns with your goals. Contact Carlson & Work today for expert guidance through the divorce process.


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