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What is a Legal Separation in Nevada?

A legal separation is for couples who want to live apart, but not necessarily terminate their marriage through divorce. When couples are legally separated, they cannot remarry or enter into a domestic partnership. However, issues like child custody and visitation, child support, alimony, and community property are settled just as in a divorce in Nevada.

Agreements of separation are critical for the couple who wish to live separately without having to face problems one by one as they come. And, if the parties later decide to dissolve the marriage through divorce, the Court will grant the divorce quickly because there is already a written agreement in place. 

The petitioner is the person filing for legal separation. The receiving individual is the respondent. The respondent has 30 days to file necessary paperwork from the time she or he is served. Depending on how the respondent replies will determine the type of legal separation proceedings. If the respondent completes the necessary paperwork, the case will continue as either a contested or uncontested legal separation. However, if the respondent fails to respond, the legal separation proceedings will be completed without her or his involvement. 

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For filing a Nevada legal separation, we recommend contacting Carlson & Work. Our Reno family law attorneys are dedicated to helping families with their legal matters. Clients depend on our team to take care of them with extraordinary care and concern regarding their cases.  Contact our law firm to learn more about legal separation and how it may apply to your family situation.


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