Nevada Alimony Law 101

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Nevada Alimony Law 101

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is a court-ordered payment from one spouse to another after a couple’s separation. Alimony is not automatically awarded to a spouse in Nevada. There are several factors that go into the determination of awarding alimony. Our knowledgeable Reno divorce attorneys can help you determine whether you are eligible for alimony, and how much alimony you can be awarded.

What are the Four Types of Alimony?

There are four types of alimony that may be awarded to a spouse in Nevada. The first type is temporary spousal support. Temporary spousal support is awarded if one party cannot cover living expenses during the course of their divorce case. The second type of spousal support is short-term alimony. Short-term alimony is awarded to a spouse after divorce and has a specific end date. The third type of alimony is rehabilitative spousal support. Rehabilitative support is awarded to the dependent spouse during the time period that it takes them to acquire new skills and education necessary to find employment after their divorce. Lately, the fourth type of alimony is permanent alimony. Permanent alimony is alimony awarded to the dependent spouse with no end date.

Which Factors Are Considered When Granting Alimony?

A Nevada judge determines whether a spouse is granted alimony or not. He or she will consider the following factors when determining the amount and length of the financial award:

  • The financial condition of each spouse.
  • The value of each spouse’s property.
  • The length of the marriage.
  • The spouse’s standard of living during the marriage.
  • The income, earning capacity, age, and health of each spouse.
  • The career of the recipient spouse prior to marriage.
  • The property that has been awarded to the recipient spouse in the divorce.
  • The physical and mental condition of each spouse.

How are Alimony Payments Made?

Alimony can be paid in one of two ways:

  • Lump-sum payment
  • Periodic payments

The awarded alimony payment will be determined by a judge based on the couple’s specific situation.

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