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Alimony is a direct result of a divorce. According to NRS 125.150 Alimony is active once the Administer of the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services of the Department of Health and Human Services creates the course of action in the state of Nevada for the number of children involved unless there is an action that is necessary for their premarital agreement. Once the court has granted the divorce, alimony will be awarded to a spouse in one lump sum or intermittent payments.

If the parties have acquired community property during the marriage, then the court can decide to split the assets completely, or the court may take it upon them to divide the property in an unequal quantity. If one of the parties requires reimbursements (depending on if the person has purchased a separate property or made improvements to the property shared), then the court will have to take three factors into account. One- if both parties will be placed in joint tenancy. Two- how long the marriage was. Three- if there are any additional factors that the court deems important.

If one of the parties is two get remarried or become deceased, the court will terminate the payments unless ordered otherwise. Once the court has ordered a party to pay, the court will then review their federal income tax return for the previous calendar year to ensure they can pay the amount ordered to pay. Before ordering someone to pay alimony, the court will consider the financial condition, value of the property, length of the marriage, all income, overall health, college degrees/—work experience of each spouse. The court will consider if the person who will be receiving the alimony has to acquire training and/or education relating to the workplace. Other factors that are investigated include if the spouse who is paying alimony attended higher education. If that statement is found to be true, then the court will proceed to research if the person


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