Child Custody Modification

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How to Modify Child Custody

When a couple goes through a divorce with minor children, they will also have to work with the court to establish a custody arrangement. As life circumstances change, the court-ordered custody arrangement may need to be modified. There are different ways to go about modifying child custody, depending on the parents’ and children’s situations. Carlson & Work of Reno, Nevada has several divorce attorneys that can assist you with modifying your child custody arrangement.

When You Can Modify A Custody Arrangement

Child custody orders can be modified if one or both of the children’s parents experience life changes that could impact their children. When you wish to have your custody arrangement modified, you must give valid reasons as to why you want to modify the arrangement.

Modifying a Custody Order Whey Both Parents Agree

Modifying a custody order is fairly simple when the parents of the children agree to do so. It is important to still document the changes of your custody arrangement with the court, even if both parents are on the same page about the alteration. Usually, the court will approve a modification to a custody order when both parents agree to the change and the court will then issue a new custody order.

Modifying a Custody Order When One Parent Contests the Modification

If only one parent wishes to alter the custody arrangement, this parent must complete the following steps:

  • Draft a Motion for Modification: in the motion, you must prove that the changes to the custody arrangement are in the best interest of the children.
  • File the motion with the Reno court.
  • Serve the paperwork to the other parent.
  • Wait for the other parent to respond to the motion.
  • Attend a court hearing on the motion.
  • Consider whether you want to appeal the judge’s decision on the motion.

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