Carlson & Work can assist parties who wish to receive an order from the Court determining child custody, visitation, and child support.  Courts will determine both legal and physical custody of the children during a child custody litigation. The primary basis that a Family Court Judge will consider to determine child custody are the Best Interest Factors found in NRS 125. At Carlson & Work, we have delivered positive results to hundreds of parents who needed their story told and their circumstances listed to. If you need an aggressive and dedicated family law and child custody attorney by your side. Trust in our experience and reputation to deliver the best outcomes for you and your family. 

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Child Custody Laws in Nevada focus heavily on the best interest of your child. Reno family law courts will consider many factors when determining the child custody that is best for your child. The best interest factors found under NRS 125(c) will serve as a guiding light to assist the court in determining child support and child custody. One of the courts biggest concerns will be which parent displays the tools to best support the emotional and physical needs of their child as well as which parent is the most willing to work with their former spouse to put their child’s needs first. 



Physical custody relates to determining the schedule in which the children visit with each parent.  Physical custody and visitation in Nevada are determined by the Nevada Best Interest Factors.  

NRS125C.0035(4) states that the family court should consider the following when addressing the best interest of the child:

  • the child’s ability to maintain contact with siblings
  • the mental and physical health of both parents
  • the child’s physical and emotional needs
  • any history of abuse
  • the child’s wishes, if the child is of sufficient age and intelligence to decide
  • the child’s relationship with each parent
  • the level of conflict between the parents
  • whether either parent has committed an act of abduction against the child or any other child
  • each parent’s willingness to encourage a relationship between the child and the co-parent


The Court will then determine child support based on Nevada law and the physical custody schedule. An attorney at Carlson & Work can help you analyze the Nevada Best Interest Factors to request the court determine a physical custody schedule that is best for the children.

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reno child visitation & custody lawyers


Legal custody pertains to major life decisions surrounding the children such as medical or educational choices.  Parents typically share joint legal custody of children even if one parent sees the children more often than the other, but sometimes the Court will award sole legal custody to a parent based on certain circumstances.  When parents ordered to share legal custody have a dispute about a decision regarding their children, parents can ask the Court to decide in their favor.


Receiving a Court order establishing child custody and visitation can benefit families because it creates a custody schedule for children that both parents must adhere to. Carlson & Work provides representation for parties filing for child custody.

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