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Divorce Law matters can be daunting. Oftentimes, they involve the most precious aspect of your life, your children. This process can be intimidating for anyone. 

Don’t go through it alone. We will carefully listen to your concerns, and your goals and put together a plan of attack.

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Going through a divorce is a difficult and emotional process. No one gets married with the intention of getting divorced. Even if your spouse and you are on speaking terms, a divorce can be difficult and painful. Sadly, in most cases, at least one of the spouses is vengeful and angry. This can make it far more difficult for everyone, especially for the children.

At Carlson & Work, we understand the emotional toll that any divorce can have and that the outcome of a divorce can have lifelong effects. That is why we approach our clients with compassion and empathy.

Additionally, we always consider our client’s goals first. We then fight for our clients with every legal alternative available.

Carlson & Work Reno divorce attorneys, has the expertise and the skill to reduce the level of bitterness and acrimony that is typically present in a divorce. Carlson & Work is frequently able to settle divorce cases with a favorable outcome which helps to reduce the cost of a divorce and reduces hostile litigation.

To find out how Carlson & Work can assist you with your divorce, you can call them at 775-386-2226 and schedule an initial consultation. Carlson & Work helps people from Sparks, Reno, and other nearby areas in Nevada.

There are Many Types of Divorce in Nevada

  • Complaint for Divorce
  • Joint Petition
  • Marriage Settlement Agreement
  • Spousal and Child Support
  • Asset Retention
  • Contested & Uncontested
  • Divorce With & Without Children
When you retain Carlson & Work you will have a dedicated attorney by your side.

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Carlson & Work is a Reno Law Firm You Can Trust

Carlson & Work is frequently able to settle the tougher cases and avoid the necessity for a long-drawn-out expensive litigation in divorce. He has years of experience as a trial attorney and is able to get the results in court if opting for a settlement isn’t in your best interest. Carlson & Work is fully committed to resolving disputes as amicably as he can however, he understands that this isn’t always possible.

Carlson & Work has the experience and the skills to protect your rights during the entire litigation process. Often, once the opposing side understands that he won’t accept anything less than a fair resolution and he isn’t afraid to take the case to trial, they greatly improve the offer for a settlement as the trial date draws near.

When you call the Law Offices of Carlson & Work, you’ll be dealing with a team of experienced family law attorneys. We handle each and every aspect of your case. If you’ve considered divorce in Sparks or Reno or the surrounding area in Nevada, the Law Offices of Carlson & Work are here to assist you.

Nevada Divorce Law FAQs

There are specific matters that must be settled during a divorce proceeding. These matters include:

Common Divorce Considerations

  • Duration of The Marriage
  • Whether One Spouse Committed Marital Waste
  • Earning Capacity
  • Marital Roles During Marriage
  • Whether One Spouse Has Violated a Financial Restraining Order

The most complex aspects of a divorce is whether or not the divorce is contested or uncontested. All of the marital property must be divided. This includes all of the assets and all of the debts.

When two people can’t agree on things, it typically involved what is referred to as a contested divorce. They will have to exchange financial information and involve a judge for the divorce to go through. Only a few cases will actually wind up going to trial in an effort to resolve all of the disputes. Clearly contested divorces are far more complicated than those that aren’t contested. The level of complication can vary greatly depending on the situation including how much property is involved and the complexity of the financial issues for both of the parties.

Carlson & Work  begins by collecting a detailed financial statement from both parties. One challenge in a contested divorce is ensuring that all of the assets and debts are fully disclosed at the time of filing. These must then be valued accurately. Typically the spouse that has the most to lose tries to hide some of the assets or lower their value to make them appear as if they are worth far less than the actual value. This is why you should hire an experienced divorce lawyer like Carlson & Work.

Additionally, Carlson & Work  works routinely with forensic accountants to ensure that the actual value of the assets is all revealed so that all of the property division and alimony amounts are equitable and fair. All too often, divorce attorneys shy away from court. Attorneys Rebecca Carlson and Mathew Work are strong advocates and are not afraid to go to court if that is what it takes to resolve the issue.

Couples that can reach an agreement on the terms of the divorce can go with an uncontested divorce. This is an ideal option if they agree on everything. It will be far less costly and can definitely keep the case out of court. You won’t have to call an attorney if you’re seeking an uncontested divorce, however, there are a few good reasons that you should consider calling an attorney.

First, it’s easy to miss important details in a divorce agreement. You might have to start completely over if something isn’t filled out correctly. An experienced divorce lawyer can take the time to review your agreement and help you to draft an agreement that is enforceable and ensure that all of the details are properly filled out. This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Secondly, you’ll need to be aware of your rights and that all of your agreements are truly fair and equitable to both of you. A divorce is a very emotional time, even if the divorce is amicable. Spouses who are feeling guilt or simply want to have it all over with often settle for things that they shouldn’t. They agree to things that aren’t equitable or fair just so that they can move on with their lives. It’s important to remember that these documents are final and you can’t go back and change them later if you later change your mind or decide that things aren’t fair.

A lot of people don’t understand what their rights are in a Nevada divorce. Every state has specific laws and these can vary greatly from one state to another. Laws can change over time as well. Nevada is what is considered to be a “no-fault” state. While you won’t be penalized for your contribution to the breakdown of the marriage, you shouldn’t believe that you have to give it all up just because you’re afraid that you’d lose everything in court due to your contribution to the breakdown. That’s not how the laws work in the state of Nevada.

Uncontested divorces are an ideal option for some couples, however, it’s always wise to consult with an experienced divorce attorney before you file the paperwork.

A confusing aspect of divorce is that of no-fault. Nevada is considered to be a no-fault state. This means that regardless of who cheated on who or who did what, the courts aren’t going to penalize either of the parties for their misbehaviors during the marriage. Such things as property division and alimony aren’t affected within the marriage like infidelity or minor substance abuse. Many find this to be a huge relief, others will feel as if they have been hugely wronged and this can be hard to accept, but in the state of Nevada, it doesn’t matter. Prepare yourself. If you try to air the dirty laundry in court, the courts are likely going to frown on you and you’re not going to get what you’re seeking.

The main exception is what is referred to as “community waste or marital waste”. If someone was cheating and spent a large sum of money or their marital assets on the girlfriend or boyfriend it can constitute community waste. Gambling losses may also qualify for this term. Community waste applies to a spouse that intentionally squanders marital assets with the intent of depriving the other party of their share. Community waste can affect property division and financial decisions.

A few aspects of a divorce agreement can be modified at a later date if need be. For example, It’s possible that alimony or child support may be modified at a later date. This will happen if one spouse or the other changes jobs and earns more or less than previously. They can then petition the courts to change the amount of money that is paid out or in.

If the spouse that is paying the alimony or child support sees that the receiving spouse has an increase in their income they may petition the court for a different amount as well.

Property division is rarely modified. Typically, once the judge has decided on the property division, there is no way to change it. However, if a spouse intentionally hides an asset that is valuable, it might be possible to return to the court and receive your equitable share.

Child visitation and custody orders can also be modified under specific circumstances.

A legal separation is an ideal option if a couple is unsure of whether or not they should follow through with a divorce. If the couple is considering it but not yet sure they may go this route.

While a legal separation entails all of the same paperwork, it won’t dissolve the marriage. It’s frequently just as costly. They will deal with all of the same issues and situations like property division and settlements. All of the work and cost of the divorce is quite similar. Yet, the marriage won’t be ended and neither party can remarry.

Legal separations are preferred by some for religious reasons and other reasons like maintaining Social Security or health insurance.

Annulments aren’t the same as a divorce. A divorce dissolves the marriage; an annulment renders the marriage null and void as if it never happened. An annulment is rarely given in the state of Nevada. Only under specific circumstances is an annulment granted.

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