If you have been charged with a crime or DUI, you should consider all options before selecting a criminal defense or DUI attorney in Reno, Nevada. We understand you are likely under an incredible amount of stress during these difficult times. Allow our firm to offer some peace of mind.

As a former criminal prosecutor, Attorney Mathew Work understands how to approach any kind of criminal case. Whether the case is a misdemeanor or a category A felony, Attorney Mathew Work has the experience needed to aggressively defend your case. He has seen firsthand the difference the right criminal defense attorney can make.

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First and foremost, we work hard and look for all legal defenses available. We work side-by-side with our clients to make sure we have a complete understanding of all the facts and circumstances that led up to an arrest. Next, we use every resource available to posture our client’s character and reputation.

Common Defense Options

  • Motion to Suppress Evidence
  • Motion to Suppress Testimony
  • Physical Evidence
  • Stored Digital Evidence
  • Physical and Mental Examinations
  • Private Investigators
  • Direct and Cross-Examination
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Few understand DUI laws and defenses as well as Carlson & Work. When you retain Carlson & Work, your DUI case will be handled by one of Nevada’s highest-rated DUI Defense Attorneys, recently earning a perfect 10 Avvo Rating. Managing Partner and Founder, Mathew Work has a long record of successfully practicing criminal defense law, stemming from his years as a Criminal Prosecutor in Reno.

Nevada Laws have become increasingly hard on drinking and driving. Nevada DUI laws are complex. You need an experienced DUI attorney who knows exactly what to look for when defending your case. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Mathew Work understands exactly what the state must prove. This inside information can mean the difference in defending your case.

Recently, the DUI laws in Nevada have expanded dramatically. New laws have been adopted to include criminal punishment for driving while under the influence of marijuana and even prescription drugs. You need the experience and reputation of a top DUI defense attorney by your side.

Common DUI Defense

  • Suppress Evidence Obtained from an Unlawful Stop
  • Challenge Field Sobriety Testing
  • Request Evidence of Machine Calibration
  • Violation of Miranda Rights
  • Challenge Unauthorized Blood or Breath Tests
  • Motion To Suppress Evidence


At Carlson & Work, we understand that no case is black and white. In Nevada, Battery and Domestic Battery charges must be taken seriously. Domestic Battery laws require any allegation of battery to be investigated by an officer. Often, the District Attorney will pursue charges even if an alleged victim reaches out to the state and requests that charges not be filed.

The outcome of a domestic battery charge can have long-term impacts. In Nevada, a conviction of domestic battery could mean you are prevented from being employed by many organizations, you may no longer own a firearm, not to mention the impacts on your personal reputations and networking opportunities.

As one of Nevada’s top-rated defense attorneys, Mathew Work will work tirelessly to defend you, your future and your reputation.

Common Domestic Battery Defense

  • Recanting Witness
  • Self Defense
  • Accident
  • Physical Evidence
  • Cross-Examination
  • Rebuttal and Eye Witnesses
  • Digital Evidence
  • Exposing Motives to Lie
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Showing up in court without any legal counsel for a criminal defense case will not be good for your odds of getting your charges decreased or cleared. Having an experienced lawyer or attorney by your side will enable you to get fair and just treatment according to your rights.

The classification of criminal cases is based on the penalties they are associated with. A misdemeanor has a jail sentence to be served up to twelve months. A felony, on the other hand, has a minimum of at least a one-year prison sentence.

The state of Nevada does not process record expungements, but the state does process record seals. The process of sealing your Nevada criminal record varies from the different counties. First you must obtain a copy for your criminal history record in Nevada. Then contact the court where the arrest was processed. Then finally complete the forms necessary to file a petition for the criminal record seal. This has become a necessity to pursue this since employers often do criminal background checks and this can hinder you from moving forward with your life.

Misdemeanor offenses can be punishable for up to 12 months of jail time. Working with a seasoned Reno attorney, will give you the best possible chance of avoiding the maximum jail sentence or avoid being convicted of the crime.

In a drug charge, plea bargaining is a viable option. Choosing this option means having to negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce the charges and have the punishment or sentence minimized. This can apply if the defendant is charged with three drug charges from possession, selling, and transport of drugs. The prosecutor may then accept the plea bargain by only accepting the charge for possession as long as the defendant pleads guilty for the crime.

Moving violations can either be charged with an infraction or misdemeanor charge. Your lawyer will be able to negotiate the moving violation, depending on the facts specific to your case, to a non-moving violation. This would benefit you by not getting any points counted against your driver’s license and possibly not have to go to traffic school.

When people fail to pass a test, most would already plead guilty to drunk driving. But these people do not realize that there is an opportunity to fight the DUI charge and challenge the current evidence gathered. Even if you think the prosecutor has a solid case against you, it is still a good idea to talk to an experienced DUI attorney before deciding to plead guilty.


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