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Child custody disputes can be extremely painful and involve sensitive issues such as parenting style, personal responsibility, and a child’s mental and emotional well-being. These disputes can have a long-lasting impact on both the child and parent, making it crucial to choose the right child custody lawyer. Carlson & Work Reno-Sparks Child Custody lawyers provide award-winning representation to families. Our primary focus is on finding solutions that benefit the family financially, legally, and emotionally, while also sparing children the emotional trauma of a prolonged dispute. We specialize in results-driven family law, which seeks immediate and effective resolutions to your issues.

Types of Child Custody in Reno, Nevada

When it comes to custody cases in Nevada, courts tend to favor shared or joint custody arrangements as being more beneficial for children. However, if you do not believe that shared custody is the best option, our attorneys are willing to argue your case in court. That said, our initial response is to seek a negotiated settlement outside of court as shared custody does not guarantee equal rights for each parent.

Child custody agreements usually fall into four categories: Sole physical custody, Joint physical custody, Sole legal custody, and Joint legal custody. Sole physical custody, also known as residential custody, means children live with one parent while receiving visits from the other. Joint physical custody means that children live with both parents for an equal amount of time, and both parents provide for their food, shelter, and medical care.

Sole legal custody is rare, as it grants one parent the right to make decisions regarding their child’s health, education, religion, and more. Courts tend to favor joint legal custody to ensure both parents are involved in their child’s life.

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