How Long Do I Have to Respond If I am Served with Divorce Papers?

Served with divorce papers response reno nv

Served with divorce papers response reno nv
The official
divorce process begins in the court once the Defendant has been served with divorce papers. From the moment the Defendant is served with the divorce papers, they have a strict deadline that they must respond to the papers if they want a say in the court case. A qualified divorce attorney can help the Defendant compose a response within the given time period.

I. Deadline to File an Answer

In Reno, Nevada, a Defendant in a divorce court case has 21 days from the time they were served divorce papers to formulate and file a response through the court. The Defendant’s response to divorce papers can be either an answer to the complaint for divorce or an answer and counterclaim to the complaint about divorce. A Reno divorce attorney can advise on which response is best given the specific divorce situation.

II. Deadline to File a Financial Disclosure Form

A financial disclosure form is required to be filed through the Reno court system within 30 days from the time that the Defendant files their answer to the divorce papers. The court requires the Defendant to completely and accurately fill out the form.

III. What to Do Next

Following the filing of an answer to the divorce papers and a financial disclosure form, the Plaintiff must be served the papers. Once the Plaintiff has received and reviewed the Defendant’s divorce papers, they may file a reply to the papers. The divorce court will likely schedule a court date in around 90 days of the filing as well. For a more descriptive timeline of divorce proceedings, consult with an experienced Reno divorce attorney.

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