Risks of DIY Wills in Nevada

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DIY Will Risks

While many companies offer do-it-yourself wills that may seem cheaper and easier than paying for a qualified estate planning attorney to create your will, few individuals realize that these DIY wills are far riskier and often end up costing you in the long run. It is highly recommended to contact an estate planning attorney to create a valid will. Carlson & Work’s estate planning attorneys of Reno, Nevada are available to help you draft a legally enforceable will today.

Your DIY Will May Be Invalid

In Nevada, wills can be invalid if state laws regarding wills are not followed. A will is invalid if it is not properly executed and witnessed as stated in Nevada law. For example, if an interested party is used as a witness of the will, the will is invalid. DIY wills tend to overlook important legal clauses that could result in costing your beneficiaries in unnecessary taxes or corrective attorney fees. Mistakes in wills risk leaving your friends and family with a financial and emotional mess. Most DIY wills lack the details that are needed in the document in order to correctly meet your estate planning wants and needs.

DIY Wills Make it Hard to Incorporate Situations Such As

  • Being married with children from a prior marriage.
  • Being a property owner.
  • When you want to disinherit a child.
  • When you have a disabled child.
  • When you have minor children.
  • When your estate is taxable.
  • When you are a business owner.
  • When you are in a domestic relationship.

A Reno estate planning attorney can provide assistance in drafting a legally correct will that is customized to your wishes. Going to a professional, such as the estate planning attorneys at Carlson & Work, will most likely save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Contact Carlson & Work today at 775-386-2226 to create your own personalized and legally valid will.


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