The Pros and Cons of a Joint Petition Divorce

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Joint Petition Divorce: Pros & Cons

When a couple makes the decision to get a divorce, they have several options as to how to go about the process of dissolving their marriage. One way is through a joint petition divorce. A joint petition divorce is a document filed through the court by two married spouses wishing to dissolve their marriage after reaching an agreement on all issues. A joint petition divorce is not for everyone, and while there are several advantages to this type of divorce, there are also some disadvantages to a joint petition divorce. The qualified divorce attorneys of Carlson & Work are well versed in the joint petition divorce process and are available to assist you in deciding on whether or not a joint petition divorce is right for you. Below is an overview on the pros and cons of a joint petition divorce.

The Pros of a Joint Petition Divorce

  • Short Length: A joint petition divorce is one of the quickest ways to get divorced. Through a joint petition divorce, a couple may be able to get divorced in as early as 10 days from filing the joint petition. Furthermore, the judge reviewing the petition will typically sign off on it without requiring a hearing. A Reno divorce lawyer can help ensure that your joint petition is finalized as quickly as possible.
  • Simple Process: A joint petition divorce is typically the easiest way to get divorced in Nevada because there is minimal paperwork to complete. Carlson & Work’s family law attorneys can guide you through the paperwork that is required to be filled out before filing for a joint petition divorce.
  • Inexpensive: A joint petition divorce tends to be one of the more economical ways to get a divorce, due to the fact that it is not dragged out over a judge resolving decisions that the couple cannot agree on.

The Cons of a Joint Petition Divorce

  • Surrendering of Rights: When a couple files for a joint petition divorce, they give up their rights to file an appeal. The parties also give up their rights to have a judge make findings on the divorce process, such as what is a fair separation of property.
  • Complex: If the parties filing for a joint petition divorce have complicated property, it can be difficult to explain and clearly separate the property in the joint petition. The knowledgeable divorce attorneys of Carlson & Work can assist with this process.

Requirements for a Joint Petition Divorce

While a joint petition divorce may seem like the best option for getting a divorce, it can be difficult to attain because you and your spouse must be in full agreement on:

  • How to divide the property.
  • How to divide the debts.
  • Whether one spouse will receive alimony (if so, how much and for how long).
  • Legal custody, physical custody, and the visitation schedule for any minor children.
  • Who will pay child support and how much will be paid.
  • Who will provide health insurance for any minor children.
  • Name changes.

Joint petitions are typically most fitting for couples without children or any Nevada community property, but any couple can file for a joint petition.

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