Updating Your Will After Divorce

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A divorce can be a long and emotional process that is likely to dramatically change your life. In the midst of the changes, it is important to update your will. A divorced individual should update their will because their beneficiaries have likely changed. If you live in the Reno, Nevada area and need to update your will, contact Carlson & Work for assistance with the process from one of our qualified estate planning attorneys.

Reasons to Update Your Will After Divorce

As a married couple, it is likely that you left everything in your will to your surviving spouse. Wills are not automatically invalid after a divorce, so if you do not update your will, your assets will be distributed to your ex-spouse. Moreover, you may have named your spouse as your executor in your old will. An executor manages the distribution of your estate as stated in your will. You’ll probably want to name a new executor in your will if your spouse was your executor in the old will. Furthermore, you may want to change your beneficiary if it is your ex-spouse. Your new beneficiary can be a friend, family member, children, or another trusted person in your life.

How to Update Your Will After Divorce

There are two ways to update your will after divorce:

  • Change your existing will: You can change your existing will by codicil, which is an amendment to a previous will. When changing your existing will, you may want to amend who receives your estate and who manages your living trust.
  • Write a new will: You can revoke your old will and create an entirely new will.

If you have recently gotten divorced in the Reno, Nevada area and have yet to update your will, contact Carlson & Work today at 775-386-2226. Our knowledgeable estate planning attorneys will help you update your will to meet your new wants and needs.


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