Why You Should Never Speak to the Insurance Company

why you should not speak insurance company reno attorneys

Why You Should Not Speak to the Insurance Company Directly

When you are involved in a car accident in the Reno-Sparks area, it is necessary to reach out to your insurance company about the incident in order to receive compensation for your injuries. The job of an insurance company is to manage risk and assist you in covering the losses you have sustained in an accident.  Speaking with the insurance company can be a dangerous situation, however, because they are looking out for their best interests more than the best interests of the injured. For that reason, it is extremely beneficial to speak with an attorney, such as the personal injury attorneys of Carlson & Work, after being involved in an accident.

Insurance Adjusters Don’t Want to Compensate You for Your Accident

An insurance adjuster is a person who reviews your claims after an accident to calculate how much your insurance company should pay you for your damages sustained from the accident. Insurance adjusters are looking for a reason to deny your injury claims. This is because the goal of an insurance adjuster is to keep costs down for the insurance company.

How Insurance Companies Try to Avoid Compensating You

Insurance companies will attempt to contact you immediately after the accident to try to you to say or do something that they can use against you on your insurance claim. They will attempt to get a written statement from you on your accident. This is not necessary or legally required. Insurance companies record everything you say to them and look for holes and inconsistencies in your story.

What You Can Say to the Insurance Company

If you are speaking with an insurance company, you should only give them factual information. This includes:

  • The location of the accident.
  • The date of the accident.
  • The time that the accident occurred.
  • The people involved in the accident.

In return, you should obtain the insurance adjuster’s contact information from the insurance company and inform them that your lawyer will contact the adjuster to discuss any other information about the injury claim.

What You Shouldn’t Say to the Insurance Company

Insurance adjusters are trained negotiators looking to devalue your injury claim. There are several key points that you should not directly discuss with the insurance company. These points include:

  • Injuries sustained from the accident.
  • Personal thoughts and opinions on the accident.
  • Any kind of recorded statement about the accident.

Remember, you are not required to talk to the insurance company. A personal injury lawyer can communicate with the company for you. The less you personally share with the insurance company, the better.

Get Help From a Lawyer

It is often difficult to calculate just how much compensation you qualify for. At Carlson & Work, our lawyers can help estimate how much an insurance company should compensate you for your accident. Lawyers know how to speak with the insurance company in a way that will not devalue your compensation. Insurance companies are looking to make profits by paying out as little compensation as possible. An attorney will fight for you to get the compensation that you deserve. Insurance companies are more likely to settle with the injured person when they have retained personal injury lawyers for the accident.

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