How Long Do I Have to Respond If I Am Served with Custody Papers?

Reno, NV how long do I have to respond to custody papers

Deadline to Respond To Custody Papers

The service of custody papers initiates a custody court proceeding in the Reno, Nevada court system. In order to participate in a custody court case, you must take action within a specific time period of being served with custody papers. An experienced Reno family law attorney can ease the stress that can ensue in the brief allotted response period.

I. Deadline to File an Answer to Custody Papers

The Reno court grants 20 days from the time the Defendant was served custody papers for the Defendant to respond to the papers and file them through the court. The Defendant’s response can either be an answer to the custody papers or an answer and counterclaim to the custody papers depending on how the Defendant feels about the content of the custody papers.

II. Deadline to File a Financial Disclosure Form

The Reno court requires that the Defendant submits a financial disclosure form within 30 days of when he or she files an answer to the custody papers. If this form is not filled out in its entirety or filled out incorrectly, the court may rule against the Defendant.

III. What to Do Next

Once you have filled out and filed the required answer to the custody papers and financial disclosure form within their respective deadlines, you must serve the Plaintiff the papers. Following service, the other parent may file a reply to your papers. Regardless of whether or not the parent does so, the judge will set a court date within around 90 days. A reputable Reno family law lawyer can facilitate the court proceedings of a custody case.

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