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Carlson & Work is a client-centered family law firm with the most accredited and experienced divorce lawyers in Reno, NV, serving clients throughout all of Northern Nevada. Our family law attorneys specialize primarily in cases of DivorceChild CustodyChild Visitation, and Child Support. Due to our determined efforts, successful outcomes, and family law expertise, we have been ranked as one of Northern Nevada’s Best Divorce Law Firms

Furthermore, our firm believes that every client has their own story to tell, and we are here to listen to that story from start to finish. That is why we start each client relationship by ensuring we understand every aspect of your divorce, child custody arrangement, or family law matter, inside and out. There is no detail too small to share, as we want to make sure we leverage this background information to drive forward a ruling in your favor. Therefore, we ask that our clients take an active role in their cases, as that is the only way to ensure your whole story is imparted with the truth. 

We Connect With Our Clients


We seek to establish meaningful connections with each of our clients, and when you choose Carlson & Work to represent your case, our approach is tailored with precision from the very beginning. As such, our family law focus has always remained on limited practice areas to allow for meticulous  preparation and prediction of likely case family law, equitable asset distribution, and successful child custody outcomes. In order to protect yourself, your children, and your assets, it is critical that you hire an experienced family law attorney who has a focus on family law litigation. To that end, Carlson & Work possesses an in-depth understanding and detailed knowledge of practicing family law in Reno.


Law Firm Expectations


A law firm’s reputation, reviews, and case results should speak for themselves. When you retain Carlson & Work, it is immediately apparent that we are willing to go above and beyond to advocate for the legal rights of our clients. At all times, you will have an experienced and dedicated attorney by your side, providing guidance, imparting legal expertise, and working toward the achievement of a favorable outcome. 

If you are in the market for an aggressive, honest, and skilled family law firm in Reno, contact the highly reputable team at Carlson & Work. We sincerely encourage any potential client to take the time to read our reviews before retaining an attorney to represent you in matters of family law litigation in Northern Nevada. 

Trusted & Experienced Lawyers


Our law firm’s Founding Partner, Mathew A. Work, practices Family & Divorce LawCriminal Defense LawEstate Planning, and Personal Injury Law. In fact, Attorney Mathew Work is one of the state’s most experienced and skilled trial lawyers. As a result, he has many years of multifaceted legal experience both inside and outside the courtroom. 

Additionally, our law firm’s Co-Founder, Rebecca J. Carlson, practices Family Law exclusively, and has quickly become one of Nevada’s premier divorce lawyers in Reno, NV. If you are in need of savvy and experienced representation in the case of a divorce, Reno Divorce Attorney Rebecca Carlson has the ideal combination of determination, approachability, and specialized family law expertise to drive successful client outcomes.


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Our Divorce Lawyers Will Help You Navigate the
Divorce Process

The Reno divorce lawyers at Carlson & Work understand that going through a legal battle can be unsettling and stressful, and the process often feels overwhelming. For this reason, we are here to help you navigate the divorce process every step of the way. Our devoted team is always available and responsive to your needs as we help you face the challenges ahead. It’s important to remember that you’re never alone during the emotional process of divorce, and the team at Carlson & Work will loyally remain by your side, as we work toward achieving the most desired results for you and your children.

We fight for our clients’ family law rights until the very end, and we won’t settle for anything less than securing what you deserve to thrive. Since there are several options when it comes to divorce, the most vital question our divorce lawyers must determine is the level of conflict that currently exists within the family dynamic. After assessing the level of conflict, there are several legal routes to divorce that can be considered.

Get The Results Your Family Deserves

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It is important to realize divorces can be complex, and that the process of divorce can be long and time-consuming. Our family law firm has one primary objective, and that is to fight for the best outcome possible for our divorce clients. We understand that our divorce clients each have a unique situation, family dynamic, and background, and as a result, we will spend the necessary time to ensure the right approach is used in your divorce case.

Most specifically, our law firm can help with many types of divorces in Reno that involve complex scenarios or distinctive situations. Legal divorce battles can take many forms, and our attorneys have seen them all. Whether you are facing a Divorce with ChildrenDivorce without ChildrenUncontested Divorce with Children, or Uncontested Divorce without Children, we have the proven legal expertise to come out on top.

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Family Law Firm with Family Focus

Carlson & Work has a track record of successfully and efficiently obtaining the best results for our divorce and family law clients, driven by years of combined experience in handling complex family law matters. From a joint petition to contested and uncontested divorces, we have the experience and insight needed to help our clients successfully turn the page and begin a new chapter of their life – with no regrets.  Ultimately, having the best family law attorneys in Reno in your corner can make all the difference, and our team has what it takes to protect your family, defend your assets, and safeguard your confidentiality. When it comes to family law matters, the experience, reputation, and results found at Carlson & Work are unmatched.

Nevada Family Law Matters

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Family law matters in Nevada can be very diverse. For instance, they can cover legal matters that range from divorce and property and asset division to alimony, child support, and spousal support. One of the most critical areas of concern for clients involved in family law cases is that of child custody, which also encompasses the complicated intricacies of the visitation process.

Therefore, legal family matters need to be attended to with a high level of caution and care, as the outcomes are often very difficult to reverse. From the beginning, you need a Reno family law attorney who understands the divorce, custody, and child support laws in Nevada, along with the legal rights that clients have available to them.

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Child Custody & Visitation Legal Representation

At Carlson & Work, we understand that child custody matters may be one of the most disputed and contentious parts of the divorce process, as they involve the most important part of your life. Our Reno child custody lawyers take the role with the understanding that our actions can have an enormous impact on your life, and more importantly, the lives of your children. Nevada Family law courts will look at the two forms of custody, alongside the external factors in your life, to determine the best custody arraignment for your child or children. The two forms of child custody are legal custody and physical custody. In summary, the outcome of each will largely be decided upon review by the court, which will heavily factor in the best interests of the child as they relate to your child custody motions.

Nevada Child Custody Matters

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Custody and Visitation matters in Nevada involve the most precious aspect of your life – your children. For this reason, our attorneys understand the magnitude of all child custody and child visitation matters, and we take our role as your representation seriously. We work diligently to ensure an arrangement that is desirable and mutually agreed upon by all parties. 

Through a tailored and strategic family law approach, we have continually earned successful results for our custody and visitation clients throughout Northern Nevada. If you are facing a custody or visitation battle in Nevada, contact one of our top-rated family law attorneys in Reno today.

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