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Ending a marriage with someone you once thought you would spend a lifetime with can be an emotionally challenging and stressful experience. The decision to pursue a divorce is not an easy one, and it can catch the other party off guard. Divorce becomes even more complex when children are involved. At Carlson & Work, our divorce lawyers in Sparks are here to help alleviate the stress associated with divorce. We represent clients in both contested and uncontested divorces, providing attentive listening, thorough evaluation of your circumstances, and knowledgeable counsel based on Nevada law.

Our primary goal is to facilitate the divorce process, safeguard your legal rights, and prioritize the best interests of your children. We offer a fresh perspective on the legal system and believe that open and honest communication is paramount. Our skilled legal team works diligently to reduce fear and anxiety during the divorce process, allowing you to move forward without regret.

What Sets Carlson & Work Divorce Lawyers Apart from Others?

  • Tailored Approach: We have the skills and experience to meet your unique needs during the divorce process.
  • Nevada Law Experts: Our team stays up to date on Nevada laws and best practices in Sparks divorce law.
  • Comprehensive Family Law: We have a collaborative legal team experienced in diverse family law matters.
  • Long-Term Relationships: We strive to build lasting client relationships and prioritize client satisfaction.
  • Efficient Case Handling: We utilize internal resources to expedite divorce cases and improve efficiency.
  • Advocacy and Problem Solving: We act as your dedicated advocate and problem solver throughout the divorce process.

Nevada Divorce Laws

Types of Divorce Filing

When seeking a divorce, an individual must file a complaint for divorce with the district court. The other spouse will then respond through a counterclaim. If the spouse fails to respond or is in agreement, the divorce can proceed as an uncontested case. In Nevada, this process is referred to as a “joint petition” or “summary divorce.” A joint petition can be filed when both parties agree on the allocation of assets and parental rights. Nevada Revised Statute 125.181 outlines the eligibility criteria for filing a summary proceeding.

However, if one spouse identifies unresolved issues such as alimony or division of assets, the divorce will be considered contested. In such cases, a judge will grant a dissolution of marriage if grounds for divorce can be established. The court may award alimony, determine child custody and support, and divide marital assets. In certain situations, the judge may also order one spouse to cover the attorneys’ fees associated with the divorce proceedings.

For additional guides and helpful links related to family law and divorce, please visit our divorce resources page.

Nevada Divorce Residency Requirements

Divorce petitions are typically filed in the county where the couple resides. In Nevada, residency rules dictate that at least one of the parties must have been a resident for at least six weeks before filing for divorce. If you and your spouse no longer live in the same county, the divorce can be filed in either of the two counties where you both currently reside. Failure to meet residency requirements may necessitate filing for a legal separation or establishing Nevada residency before proceeding with the divorce.

To learn more about divorces in Sparks, please visit our family law overview page.

Legal Separation in Sparks, Nevada

Legal separation, also known as separate maintenance, allows the court to address major decisions similar to those in a divorce while retaining certain benefits of marriage. For instance, the court can determine child custody, child support, visitation schedules, alimony, and the division of marital property. In a legal separation, couples can still maintain shared health insurance coverage and file taxes jointly. However, certain decisions that would typically be made in a divorce may not be applicable during a legal separation. Depending on your circumstances, this option may be suitable for you.

Our legal separation attorneys practice in Washoe County and throughout Northern Nevada.

Community Property and Division of Assets

Nevada follows community property laws, which entail an equal division of assets and debts acquired during the marriage. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Separate property, such as gifts, inheritances, or assets specified in a prenuptial agreement, are excluded from the community property category. A skilled divorce lawyer in Sparks can assist in reaching a fair agreement on property division with your spouse.

Do You Need a Divorce Attorney in Sparks?

Marriage and divorce significantly impact your health and happiness. At Carlson & Work, our Sparks divorce attorneys provide expert legal advice when facing these important life decisions. We are here to guide you through all aspects of divorce, including contested divorces, uncontested divorces, child custody and support matters, visitation, alimony or spousal support, legal separation, high net worth divorces, property division, and modifications.

If you are considering a divorce or have any questions about divorce proceedings in Sparks, reach out to us today. Our dedicated team of divorce lawyers at Carlson & Work is ready to provide you with expert legal guidance during this challenging time.


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