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Divorce is a legal process that gives spouses the freedom to split marital assets, determine child custody, and move forward with their lives. However, when divorcing spouses have significant wealth, it can make property division more complicated. 

Not all divorce lawyers are equal. High net worth divorce in Nevada can be complex because of the multiple properties or businesses involved. It is important to find a lawyer who will give you personalized legal care. 

Property Considerations for High-Income Nevada Divorces

In order to properly administer the equitable distribution of property in a high-net-worth divorce, spouses must first identify, value, and separate marital property from the non-marital property. This can make the divorce process more expensive and drawn out than it might otherwise be if the couple did not have considerable financial resources at stake during negotiations. 

Since Nevada is a community property state, each spouse is considered an equal owner of property acquired during their marriage. During a divorce, each spouse is entitled to half of the community estate acquired during the marriage. Nevada Revised Statutes defines separate property which is exempt from community property. 

Other assets like cryptocurrency, business investments, retirement accounts, and others are all included in a divorce settlement. High net-worth income earners and individuals need to find the right attorney to help prepare them for their divorce case. 

When you are facing a high net-worth divorce, it is essential that you obtain experienced legal counsel from an attorney with knowledge of your particular situation. The complexities of this type of case require tailored strategies and solutions for each client’s unique set of circumstances.

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Without a skilled legal professional with experience in high-net-worth divorce, you stand to lose a lot of money. Our firm helps clients from all backgrounds and professions. We work with expert appraisers and forensic accountants to determine the full extent of your high-value assets. Call Carlson & Work for a full case evaluation. Our legal team will begin by evaluating your finances and creating a complete summary of marital assets. Then, we will help you prioritize your property and possessions.  


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