Estate Planning 101

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How Estate Planning Can Secure Your Hard-Earned Possessions

Believe it or not, you probably have an estate without knowing it. Estates encompass nearly everything you own: your home, vehicles, checking and savings accounts, retirement accounts, and other personal possessions. These items need somewhere to go after you pass. If left without an estate plan, your items will end up in probate for the Court to manage. 

You worked hard for your possessions throughout your lifetime. You probably want some control over where your assets end up.  

To ensure your wishes are carried out effectively, you’ll need to plan in advance. Unfortunately, untimely deaths occur far too often, and families may be underprepared for the legal challenges and financial hardship that may arise without documentation. There is no such thing as planning too early. 

A great estate plan considers:

  • Instructions for your care should you become incapacitated
  • Guardianship for minor children
  • Estate taxes and estate settlement costs
  • Business obligations and ensures its successful transfer
  • Peace of mind for loved ones

Avoid Financial Hardship For The Family

Estate planning should be a priority for every family. Life-changing events can change at any moment. The cost of establishing and maintaining an estate plan is reasonable in relation to your long-term goals. Without an estate plan, your loved ones may be left with conflicts and financial hardship later as a result. 

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