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Attorney Kathleen Mangan Interview: Divorce Expectations 

We recently sat down with our newest family law attorney, Kathleen Mangan. We asked about her perspective on being a Reno family law attorney and expectations of divorce. Kathleen shares her passion for helping families find a new norm, her approach to dealing with opposition, and essential advice for those facing family law challenges. Read her Q&A below to learn more about Kathleen. 

1. What inspired you to pursue a career in family law, specifically in the areas of child custody and visitation?

“Nothing else truly matters when your family life is suffering. I’ve been there before. It’s not just the legal component. Departing from your marriage is emotional and even worse when children are involved. I’m a mom so I get it. I specialize in family law so I can help families work through these tragic times. While most people cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel at the beginning of a divorce, it’s there,” said Attorney Mangan. Kathleen has a strong commitment to excellene. she strives to help individuals rebuild and establish a new normal even better than before.

2. Tell us about a memorable case that impacted your take on family law?

Kathleen recalls a case where her “client was being bullied by her ex. He went as far as intimidating her in person and by any means possible.” Kathleen shared how this experience is common and how it continues to drive her commitment to the field. “It’s my job to ensure my clients receive the legal protection and support they deserve at a time when they need it most,” Kathleend said. 

3. Family law cases are typically emotional situations for both parties. How do you approach these cases and support your clients through the legal process?

“It takes equal parts professionalism and empathy. My clients are not just seeking legal advice. They need to be able to lean on their attorney. The role of their attorney is to provide unshakeable support,” Kathleen tells us. She recalls, “always telling clients the truth, even when it’s difficult. My clients deserve that.” She acknowledges this approach allows her clients to trust that she is committed to their case. 

4. What options do parents have to gain child custody or  visitation arrangements?

“These are always an option,” Kathleen says. “In fact, if you already have and child custody or visititation agreement, there are means to modify them in the future.” Kathleen advises that “parents seeking to alter their current arangements should document the current structure and any deficiencies. This will assist when seeking a modification with the court. It’s always wise to consult with an attorney. There are many online resources to help as well.”

5. What advice would you give to a parent who is considering filing for divorce and worried about their future parenting plan? 

Kathleen emphasizes the importance of making a plan. She suggests, “individuals should take the time to interview multiple attorneys. You’ll want to find someone who specializes in family law and can outline potential custody arrangements based on your situation.” Kathleen mentions, clients are searching for clarity. “They want to feel confident that they are on the same page with their attorney,” she says. 

6. From your perspective, what are some common divorce expecations and misconceptions?

“It’s not unusual for people to think court is like an episode of  ‘Suits,’ Kathleen shares. “The legal process is not as dramatic as you might think. Some of my prior clients thought that if they moved out of their home that they would be waiving their rights to the property. That is not the case in Nevada. We are a community property state and I think that eases many of the concerns when we start discussing financial details,” said Kathleen.

7. Can you explain the factors that courts typically consider when determining child custody arrangements?

“The court takes into account facts about the parents and best intersts of the child. Obviously, child safety is extremely important tot he court, as it should be. The court will also look at things like any history of domestic abuse and addiction in the household.” Kathleen contines, “parents often don’t realize the court is intersted in how they work together too. They want to know if the parent are cooperating with one another. Parents that can collaborate well with one another show the court that they are intersested in placing their child first rather than purely resenting their former spouse.”

8. What surprises your family law clients the most out of their divorce?

Kathleen notes an unanticpated part of family law cases. While the initial consultation is typically emotionally charged, the emotions tend to die down. She explains that, “many clients anticipate an adversarial experience from the start. Yet, many share a mutual understanding for the other side. As emotions settle, clients and opposing parties tend to make more reasoned decisions.”

9. What resources or support do you recommend for clients to help them navigate divorce and child custody?

When facing the mental challenges of family law cases, Kathleen strongly suggests using tools like therapy and divorce coaching. “These experts offer expertise and compassion. Having support throughout this time in your life helps, says Kathleen. It’s essential to feel heard, understood, and validated during these trying times. Preview our family law resources page for additional resources in northern Nevada. 

In this interview with Attorney Mangan, we learned about the complexities of family law and child custody disputes. Kathleen’s dedication to her clients’ well-being and her emphasis on seeking support offers essential guidance to anyone facing divorce. Learn more about Attorney Mangan on her biography page


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