Holiday Safety and Legal Insights

Holiday safety and legal insights- Carlson & Work

Q&A with Mathew Work, Partner at Reno’s Carlson & Work Law Firm

With the joy and warmth of the holiday season come unique concerns, particularly on the roads and in our homes. To shed light on the intertwining of law and holiday safety, we sat down with Mathew Work, a partner at the esteemed law firm Carlson & Work in Reno, NV. With his vast experience in personal injury law and as a former criminal prosecutor, Mathew offers invaluable insights for this festive season.

Q: How do the holidays impact the frequency of car accidents compared to other times of the year?  

Attorney Mathew Work: The holiday season, filled with family gatherings, shopping frenzies, and office functions, often leads to heightened distractions. In our practice, we’ve observed a significant increase in vehicle collisions and injuries during this period. It’s a somber reminder of the need for vigilance, especially when our attention should be on celebrating with loved ones.

Q: With the increase in holiday celebrations, what legal advice would you give someone about drinking and driving?  

Attorney Mathew Work: Drawing from my background as a criminal prosecutor, I can emphatically state that a DUI arrest can shatter holiday spirits. A DUI accident causing harm or worse is not worth the risk. In the realm of personal injury, DUI is compelling evidence of negligence. Out of respect for the safety of the community, I urge everyone to prioritize responsibility and consideration.

Q: With many embarking on holiday travels, what precautions would you advise to deter road accidents?  

Attorney Mathew Work: Knowledge is power. Familiarize yourself with the weather conditions before traveling. Especially be wary of ice formations during the early hours and late evenings. Your vehicle choice also plays a pivotal role; never challenge the limits of a two-wheel drive when conditions demand a four-wheel drive.

Q: How can drivers ensure safety amidst the winter weather conditions prevalent during the holidays? 

Attorney Mathew Work: It’s a principle I advocate for, both in law and life: safety first. While the excitement of holiday celebrations beckons, it’s paramount to ensure you arrive safely, even if it means a delayed arrival.

Q: What potential legal intricacies arise if someone faces a car accident in a different state during their holiday travels? 

Attorney Mathew Work: Beyond the immediate concern of injuries, holiday accidents may introduce treatment delays, given many medical professionals are on vacation. Continuity of care remains vital post any vehicle collision. To maintain this, explore non-traditional treatment avenues and meticulously document every aspect of the recovery journey.

Q: What legal considerations should families bear in mind when gifting cars this festive season?  

Attorney Mathew Work: Before a joyous car-gifting moment, ensure it comes with the gift of safety – comprehensive insurance that extends to family members.

Q: Busy parking lots during holiday shopping are hotspots for minor accidents. How can shoppers navigate this safely?  

Attorney Mathew Work: My advice? Embrace the holiday spirit of peace and patience. Opt for parking spots farther from the entrance, reducing the risk of fender benders and ensuring a safer environment away from the hustle and bustle.

Q: In the unfortunate event of an injury at a holiday event, what immediate legal steps would you recommend?  

Attorney Mathew Work: In our field, documentation is the cornerstone of a strong case. Despite the rapid pace of events, it’s crucial to take a moment, collect evidence, snap photos, and record any pertinent details, ensuring a robust foundation for any future legal proceedings.

Q: Festive decorations light up homes but come with risks. What legal precautions should homeowners consider?  

Attorney Mathew Work: A bright and merry home is a sight to behold, but safety should never be compromised. Utilize surge protectors to ward off electrical hazards. While certain preventive measures, like salt, might affect your property, the focus should always be on minimizing injury risks.

Q: To close, what overarching legal advice would you share for those seeking clarity on their rights post a car accident or personal injury?  

Attorney Mathew Work: The aftermath of an accident is chaotic, but two pillars are paramount for a strong legal case: immediate documentation and prompt medical treatment. Despite the holiday rush, these steps are non-negotiable and vital for securing your rights. Consult with a personal injury attorney before speaking to your insurance agency

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This holiday season, let’s prioritize safety and well-being. Should you find yourself in need of legal counsel, the team at Carlson & Work stands ready to guide and assist victims and family members. Yours and your family’s safety is paramount.


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