Top Family Law Practice Areas

The top family law practice areas in Nevada can be broad. For instance, divorce, property and asset division, alimony, child support, and spousal support are all potential parts of a family law case. One of the most important elements is child custody which includes the visitation process. For this reason, it is essential that family law proceedings are handled diligently and thoughtfully. Courtroom outcomes can be hard to undo. It is wise to have an experienced Reno divorce lawyer from the outset who has expertise in Nevada laws concerning divorce, custody, and child support. 


Having an attorney on your side helps ensure your rights are protected. The decisions each party makes early in the process will dictate the final outcomes of a case. Before filing for divorce, obtain information about the divorce process in more detail so you know what to expect and how to protect yourself and your children. Carlson & Work Nevada family law attorneys help their clients understand their legal rights throughout the divorce process. 

Child Custody

A parent’s primary job is to love and protect their children. During a custody battle, parents and attorneys work together to secure the best interest of the child. Unfortunately, not every party strives for reasonable outcomes. Family Law attorneys at Carlson & Work provide legal representation for your most complex child custody cases.

Spousal Support and Child Support 

Often during a divorce, an individual’s rights or assets are threatened by a spouse. Attorneys at Carlson & Work law firm help their clients receive the support they need when facing spousal and child support claims. 

Property, Asset and Debt Division

Disputes over finances and property are common in divorce proceedings. Property and debt should be divided by marital assets and separate assets. Our attorneys help characterize property and resolve financial disputes that arise from the division of these assets.

Judgment Modification

It’s difficult to make changes after a court decision has been made following a divorce. However, changes in circumstances may require a judgment modification. For example, if you’re trying to move out-of-state with your child for a new job offer. This may affect your child custody agreement. Our family law lawyers help prepare a compelling case for the court. 

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The Carlson & Work family law division provides resources on top family law practice areas impacting Nevadans. 

We realize this may be a difficult time for you. Our family law resources and legal expertise may ease some of your stress. 

Carlson & Work is renowned for their successful outcomes for divorce and family law clients. Our lawyers boast a wealth of experience in handling the most difficult family law matters, from joint petitions to contested and uncontested divorces. Contact us today to consult on your family law matters. 


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