Nevada is a highly desirable state to families and individuals due to its good asset protection and trust laws and lack of state income tax. While it is fairly easy to establish residency in Nevada, there are specific steps that must be taken in order to ensure that you become a resident of the state of Nevada. Our Reno, Nevada attorneys at Carlson & Work can assist you with the process of establishing residency in Nevada.


According to NRS 482.103 and 483.141, Nevada state law defines a Nevada resident as someone:

  • Whose legal residence is in Nevada.
  • Who engages in intrastate business and operates in such a business any motor vehicle, trailer, or semi-trailer, or any person maintaining such vehicles in this state, as the home state of such vehicles.
  • Who physically lives in Nevada and is employed in the state.
  • Who declares themselves to be a resident of Nevada to obtain privileges not granted to nonresidents of the state of Nevada.

Steps to Become a Nevada Resident

There are three general steps that an individual should take to establish residency in Nevada:

  • Obtain a Nevada residential address.
  • Get a Nevada driver’s license.
  • Register your vehicles in the state of Nevada.
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There are several actions that an individual can take to ensure that they are granted residency in Nevada, which includes:

  • Live outside of your former state for over half the year and record proof of this with at least one receipt per day showing that you were not in the state.
  • Create a declaration of domicile in the local Nevada court of the county you wish to establish residency in.
  • Change your bank accounts to the state of Nevada.
  • Change your voter registration to the state of Nevada.
  • Avoid earning a salary in your former state.
  • Have federal tax returns sent to your new Nevada address.
  • Perform social, economic, and any other activities in the state of Nevada.


While these steps seem simple, they can become complicated and difficult to prove without the assistance of a qualified attorney. Carlson & Work’s attorneys can help you in successfully becoming a Nevada resident.

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